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Sincerely yours,
Protects against spam
and fraud. Log into the app
with your PIN and fingerprint
Highlights email from real people
and sorts everything else
into other folders
Switch the appearance
of your inbox
to suit your mood
10 GB on Yandex.Disk
New accounts
get 10 GB of cloud storage
with Yandex.Disk
Take Mail on the go
Send an install link for the Yandex.Mail mobile app to your phone
A few more reasons to choose Yandex.Mail
Put messages on a timer
so you can write them in advance
and send them when it's time
Customizable interface
Yandex.Mail can look like
your standard email client,
or any other way you want
One account
Access all of
Yandex's services
with your Mail account
Unify your inboxes
Join multiple Yandex inboxes
under one Yandex.Mail account
Built-in anti-virus
Incoming mail is checked
for viruses, and suspicious messages
are sorted into the Spam folder
Simple password recovery
Add your mobile phone number
and never worry about getting
locked out